What's a Fashion?

I need to follow a trend. I need to buy something which my friend has.

I have to look perfect to wear a new attire that is trending. 'Wait a minute!', said the mirror.  Did you look at your image in me?? What happens if you don't wear something that is not trendy or something that is not so expensive? 

Would you still look as beautiful or handsome? The fact is that everyone knaowingly or unknowingly wants to look good in life and we should. There is nothing wrong about it. Rather, it gives you a sense of confidence and gives you excitement and thrill to have everyday as  new day.

But life can't be dependent on what we dress up and how trendy we are.  Life is beautiful and your confidence is your beauty that would reflect on your face and in your body language.

The inner beauty is something that would reflect on the outer world.

Follow what you want to in life. Wear what you are comfortable in and wear your confidence always. For that it makes you beautiful.

Remember fashion, looks and everything will fade away someday. Fashion is always changing but if you dress simple yet can carry yourself well and have confidence along, you will win.

A trend is what you create not what you want to follow. The Beauty is inner-beauty that shows on your face . 

Trust you are the best and you will be the best.

You could reach Deesha Sangani at deesha.sangani@gmail.com 

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