An Interview with Deesha Sangani

Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author. She works in the corporate sector. She is a regular blogger; her blogs have inspired and motivated many. Deesha’s writing has a lot of depth and caters to generations of all kinds. There are a lot of life experiences shared in the book that people can relate to themselves, which engage them with her writing.

Daily Take Aways covers essential topics such as dream, adversity, success, how to deal with life, relationships, goals, impact, legacy. Daily Take Aways would definitely become part of people’s life. Daily Take Aways promise to change people’s life from ordinary to extraordinary also help you to not only deal with life but how to lead life. During our conversation, Here’s what we spoke about:


Q: We came to know that you are getting good response to your 3rd book i.e ‘The Daily Takeaways’. What is the difference you feel when compared to the last two books?

A: All the three books are different  from each other.

The first book was mainly to do with motivational and inspirational article and stories .

The second book was a fictional inspirational story and the third book is all about Daily inspirational quotes and thought for the days !

A lot of my readers would always ask me why not a book on quotes ? That's when I decided to pen down my third book Daily Take Aways with daily quotes . I feel good as my all 3 books have good response.


Q: What are the actual expectations you have on your 3rd book?

A: I have no expectation of how many copies are sold out however I would be very happy, if my book helps in inspiring people in their life .It’s a happy moment for an author if their books inspire people.


Q: Being an employee in corporate bank, how do you make time to write books and give motivational talks?

A : When you start doing things what you are passionate about in life,you would create time for the same any day. You can never get tired of doing things which you love doing !


Q : Can you tell me something about the theme of your book i.e ‘unfold the journey of life’?

A : The theme is very simple ,unfold the journey of life ! As you flip through pages of the book ,it will help you to unfold each parameter of life and also help you live every day as new day and love each day of your life !



Q : How would you get ideas to write a book?

A: Its all about thoughts and experiences of life ! When we meet lot of people on daily bases in life ,we would encounter something new and each day is day with whole lot of experiences .I pen down those experiences into words ,which could help in changing people 's life!


Q : We noticed from your Facebook page, that you had conducted many of the Author Readers Session, so you would have got some suggestions from the readers. Have you taken them into consideration in writing up the 3rd book?

A : Author would have a lot of questions and request from readers ! As a author I would write a book based on the current situation across our environment and what is most required in the society ! 


Q: What is the message you would like to convey to the youths through your 3rd book?

A :  Follow your passion ! Identify your passion and your passion would become your identity someday . Inspire yourself and inspire others in which ever way you can in life !


Team congratulates Deesha Sangani for the great response to her book Daily Take Aways and wishes all the best for her future endeavours.


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