Are you Knocked Down ?

Do we all face ‘knock-out’ or ‘knock-down’ situations in life? Do we give up on life when we have to come across such situations?

Life gives us a fair chance, and it depends on us if get knocked down or we go for knock out!

Each thing in life has three phases - Rough phase, polished phase, and shining phase. Are you confused as to how is it possible?

Well, life is like a diamond. When you find a diamond  initially it is not shining and it is like any other stone, which needs a lot of polishing. When diamond is polished rigorously that's when it shines brightly. Our life is exactly like a diamond in those three phases!

You struggle today, and you will shine tomorrow. There is a saying  “if you don't struggle, you don't succeed” However, it's not necessary always to go by the saying. Remember that life is what you make and saying is what you experience in life. Every individual’s life-journey is different and unique.   

In life, it solely depends on us how smart we have been to learn from our mistakes and how we implement better ideas next time. Imagine if you stumble once and yet you continue doing same thing then it is going to be a ‘knock-down’ situation for you again.

Spend time for yourself to understand how your day is going on; write down the things that you wanted to work out against how much have you worked out in reality. Observe how much improvement have you made to reach at a point where you actually have things working out as per plan wherever and whenever required.

Little drops of water make it a mighty ocean.  We may not be successful immediately but each small step in life helps us to build our dream. It is sure that efforts don't go waste in life; so utilize your efforts to achieve what you to have to in life.

Every human would go through ‘knock-out’ or ‘knock-down’ situations in life, but the one who learns from ‘knock-down’ situation would reach at a ‘knock-out’ situation.

Don't give up after you get knocked down. Remember that we have gone through a lot to be where we are in life currently.Don't get disheartened and don't let it ruin your entire smart work.

You might come across situations where you have not gone through your exams; the entire world is aiming words at you but shield yourself with 'Will-Power' that you would get through better and yes life is no less than an exam where tests are conducted at a surprise. Be prepared to get through life with a distinction.

Once you step ahead, do not step back at any cost. We might or might not get opportunity the second time, so make the best of what you want.

Free yourself from the world’s negativity. The world would talk and talk, they would talk when you trying; they would talk when you are winning; and they would talk even when you are failing. They are anyway talking all the time, so why waste energy and time on what the world talks?

To be successful, use the combination of your ability and lessons learnt from your mistakes!

Author: Deesha Sangani
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