Define your Success!

Can someone define individual's success ? Success & Failure are part of life ! Let Success define your story and make Failure a learning step in life ! 

I believe our story of success and failure should be an inspiration to the world .

Movies are full of drama action,emotions,creativity ,innovation ! Imagine so many things are summed up in one movie ! Similarly our life has shades of success and failure with lot of emotions,drama,action etc.

Some lessons of life are hard ones. Lessons of life when learnt and implemented in real, would result in successful life .

Life becomes living teacher only when we observe & are ready to learn with a open mind !When you do so, you become a successful person and a role model to the people around you and, eventually, to the world.

Success and Failure are like two sides of the same coin. Aren’t they?
What is success to you? How do you define been successful and unsuccessful? 

A successful person's lives life by values and beliefs, which are all about being true to yourself and living life on your own terms. Remember, going from an unsuccessful to a successful person is surely possible when there’s an aspect of chasing your dreams, as chasing your dreams or goals would be the reason for you to get out of your bed each day !

Folks, to me, what matters the most is that we don't give up on our dream, and when we learn not to give up we are truly going to become a successful person. 

When years have passed by we will be disappointed for the things we missed to do than the ones already done !

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