How to Prepare for NEET and AIIMS Simultaneously

The Focus area in NEET is on testing the competence of the student in the three core subjects physics, chemistry, and biology.

► Weightage of the subjects in NEET

1. Biology - 360 Marks.
2. Physics - 180 Marks.
3. Chemistry - 180 Marks.

The Focus area in AIIMS is on testing the competence of the student in physics, chemistry, biology, aptitude and general knowledge.

Weightage of the subjects

1. Biology - 360 marks.
2. Physics - 180 Marks.
3. Chemistry - 180 Marks.

There would be at least 60 questions each in physics, chemistry and biology, 10 questions each in general knowledge and aptitude.Those medical aspirants who are planning to take NEET, as well as AIIMS, should channelize their preparation effort equally across all the three core subjects.

The student should have identified their areas of strength and areas of improvement in each subject.

► Time requirement to spent on each subject

1. 3 hours required to prepare for biology.
2. 3 hours
 required to prepare for chemistry.
3. 3 hours required to prepare for physics.
4. Half an hour preparation for aptitude
5. Half an hour preparation for general knowledge.

Among the 60 questions in each core subject in AIIMS, 20 questions will be on Assertion Reason. The questions on Assertion Reason will test the conceptual clarity and reasoning ability of the student. The students need to put more effort to get the conceptual clarity and they need to develop reasoning ability to successfully navigate this testing area.

Candidates should invest 100% time in preparing for the biology syllabus, while 85% of attention should be devoted to chemistry and 75% to physics.

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