Rules to look stylish

Being a students, there will be lot of problem for money. Yet we need to look good and stylish.

Here are few rules which you follow

1.Focus On Durability – Make Sure Your Clothes Last “Long Enough”
From the almost disposable clothes provided by fast fashion, to the immortal tailored pieces with a more classic touch, you need to make sure your investment will last long enough. What is “long enough”?

Start building a classier and more formal wardrobe and make sure it lasts for the entire time of the bachelor program.When you move on to the master level, it would be time to upgrade your wardrobe. You are going to be attending more formal events, a dinner with a potential employer, company events, and probably going to have your first interviews at a firm for an internship or for your first job position.

2.Pay Attention to Quality

As a student on a budget, you want to make sure you invest your money wisely. You definitely cannot afford to waste money on bad clothes that won’t even last one season, not to make a big investment in a classic tailored piece.

Again, between the poor quality of fast fashion and the timeless classic garments, you need to find your ideal compromise. The right quality that is going to feel comfortable, it is going to look great on you, and last “long enough”.

Should you not have the patience to research yourself then ask the staff members in a shop, be eager to know, get into the details and make a conscious purchase.

3. Learn How To Take Care of Your Clothes

You want to master the art of taking care of your clothes as in how to properly wash them, brush them or apply products (e.g. leather spray – We cannot begin to tell you how important it is for your leather garments! And how it will increase the number of wears that you can get out of them!).

The way you take care of your clothes will say something about how long they will last. And this becomes crucial when – for obvious reasons – sometimes you have to compromise a little bit of quality to make sure you won’t drain your pockets.

4.Master the Art of Finding Discounts

Being a student, it is very essential to find discount, since we could save some amount of money which cab be uilized for other work. Search for good products which lends you certain discount and you need not compromise with the product also.

5.Focus on Uniqueness

Try to be unique and mantain your style of dressing. We are all unique individuals. Regardless of the current trend (that comes and goes, comes back and goes again before you even realize it), build a wardrobe that suits your personality. A wardrobe that says who you are, where you come from and what do you want out of life. As a good fashion connoisseur, use that basic knowledge and build what’s best for you.


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