Tips To Don't Stress Yourselves During Exams

Exam time is invariably stress time. But if you know how to keep all your stress and worry. Students in India are getting ready for their annual final board exams. CBSE Board exam is expected to begin from February 15, 2019. While the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh Board exams have started already. "The vast portions to be completed, having not done well in previous exams, the pressure from peers and society to do well etc. add to the already stressed out minds of teenagers," said Ms Muhsina.

According to 
Ms Muhsina, the parents, peers and the society as whole need to help the children to get rid of all the exam worries and get them ready to be prepared to face exams with relaxed minds.

Following are a few practical steps suggested by Ms Muhsina to make sure that our students don't stress themselves, but enjoy the exam days:

1. Reducing Screen Time

The Time spent in front on a screen of laptop, videogames and mobile phones is termed screen time. The first and foremost thing for a student preparing for an exam is to cut down on his screen time. Normally, it is ok for a student to have a screen time of around 2-3 hours. But this should be cut down to a maximum of one hour a day during exam time, because it not only takes away our precious preparation time, it is also highly addictive making it difficult to concentrate on studies. A screen time of 0 hours is best, if you can mange it.

Positive Self-Talk

Our brain is an interesting character. It believes what you tell/ feed it. So, never ever tell yourself that you can't do it or you are too stressed to do it. Practice positive self-talk, not just for your exams, but for your life ahead. Make "I can and I will", your mantra, to be repeated when you wake up, when you go to bed, when you sit down to study and whenever you feel worried about exams. Trust me, it works.

Rest Your Brain

Research says that the brain gets tired/fatigued by over use. So it is very important to take breaks and rest your brain during preparations. The best method would be to study for 45- 60 minutes at a stretch and then taking a break of about 10-15 minutes. During the break, stretch yourself, move the head from side to side and involve in something positive which makes the brain refreshed. Having a good laugh with friends or listening to soothing music etc are other ways for relaxing the brain.             

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Avoiding oily, spicy and junk food during exam time is an overlooked tip to reduce your stress. The simplest science behind this wisdom is that when you eat heavier or eat greasier food, the digestive system will take up more of your energy and blood flow. This deprives the brain, resulting in fatigue and concentration difficulties, which cause more stress.


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