Workshops : Techkriti 2018

Workshops : Techkriti 2018

Electronics and Robotics

Gesture Controlled Robotics

Learn about the motors, the oscillators, the conductors and the insulators as we take you on this exciting workshop of creating your own gesture-controlled robot. Introduce yourself to Arduinos, Processing, Modular Software, Coding, Assembling and Functioning and dive into the ocean of robotics.

“Watching Iron Man control his suits with his hands wouldn’t anymore be as breath taking after this workshop.”

Sixth Sense Robotics

This vision robotics workshop by team Micothlab tries to interface digital and virtual world with the real physical world. Get introduced to the concepts of vision controlled motion, image processing and learning how to use MATLAB are the primary important motives of this scintillating workshop.

“Imagine. Invent. Inspire.”


Learn about embedded systems and robotics, structuring robots according to real world scenarios, mobile communication and work on multiple projects like Obstacle Detection, Flash light follower, Line follower and spying robots. Construct phone, PC and Bluetooth controlled bots in this phenomenal pilgrimage of Artificial Intelligence.

“Will robots inherit the Earth? Yes, but they will be our children.” – Marvin Minsky

IoT with Arduino

Introduction to the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and the Arduino Platform are the major components of this workshop. Layout of the arduino board, learning about Arduino programming

- the heart of Electronics and then applying them to umpteen number of projects is indeed the very purpose of this workshop.

“ The IoT has the potential to change the world, just as the Internet did. Maybe even more so.” - Kevin Ashton

Printed Circuit Board Design
Embedded and VLSI Design

Computer Science and Programming

Beginners’ Hand on Python

No matter whether you’ve dealt with long lines of code before or just enjoyed drawing flowcharts, this workshop perfectly introduces you to the world of Python. Python, with its easy and readable syntax is one of the most important high-level language and there couldn’t be a better way to get started.

“Hello World! Python’s here.”

Cloud Computing

This workshop basically comprises of the various cloud computing architectures and the technicalities associated with this virtualisation technology. Understanding the methodologies, tools and principles of this wildfire technology is what is quite important and this perfectly stresses on that.

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.” – Paul Maritz

Machine Learning

Essentially, this workshop builds upon introducing the goals and applications of machine learning to the curious. With coverage of concepts of artificial neural networks, computational learning theory, decision tree learning, etc. and a real time project, this is the perfect way to start learning about the rising trend of ML in today’s tech world.

“A breakthrough in ML would be worth ten Microsofts.” – Bill Gates

Touch and Augmented Reality

Introduce yourselves to Augmented Reality, Surface Computing, 3D Modelling and learn how Touch Augmented Reality enhances the natural environments and offers perceptually enriched experiences. This two day workshop is no less exciting than a roller coaster.

“The interactive and digitally manipulable world is here.”

Advanced Ethical Hacking

This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Cyber-Forensics & Ethical Hacking enthusiasts. Digging into concepts like footprinting, scanning, enumeration, sniffing, social engineering and malware threats, this workshop delves into the importance of ethical hacking fantastically.

“Keep calm and hack the planet.”

Android App Development


Big Data Hadoop

Get hand-on project experience on Data Analytics through Hadoop – a 100% open source which efficiently stores and processes data. Explore and learn about the availability, exponential growth and processing of data.

“Analyse. Improvise. Overcome.”

Bridge Design Challenge

Designing, fabricating, modelling and testing their own truss bridge is what’s at stake here for the participants. Using structural concepts of designing and application of load transfer mechanisms to lift up to 1000 times its weight is what the bridge can be capable of.

“As strong as ants, as creative as an engineer.”

Automobile and IC Engine.

Bringing the golden chance to get hands on engines, transmission systems, breaks, aerodynamic bodyworks, chassis and a DS SOLIDWORKS session, this session is the ground zero to start feeding your inquisitiveness about your dream machines.

“I believe in standardising automobiles, not human beings.” - Albert Einstein

E-Commerce Marketing

What ?Constructing effective and profitable social marketing strategies. How ? Understanding e-commerce marketing, aspects of data privacy, shopping policies and advertising them through social media tools and platforms.

“Don’t search through Amazon, make one!”

Generative Designing


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