We promise you the best experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Would you like to be the brand ambassadors in the colleges across India..??

OhCampus.com College Ambassadors

OhCampus.com is glad to grant you an opportunity for all you passionate,energetic enthusiasts to be the ambassadors at your campus. All you got to do is represent OhCampus.com in your campus and bring out the leader inside you.

What are you supposed to do?

You will be the bridge connecting OhCampus.com to the college &the students providing them a better platform and access to exhibit their talent and creativity. You will work jointly with OhCampus.com and initiate our activities and events on campus.You are also expected to have good collaborations with the college, students and the professionals.

Superlatively, being the College Ambassador of OhCampus.com is much exceeding than uncoloured college jobs.

Benefits of the Campus Ambassador will be subjected to

  • Free passes to the events that OhCampus.com is associated with.
  • Flashy goodies.
  • A certificate describing your performance and capabilities. The assignation will be for a year (Renewable if not in the final year of the course).

  • All it takes is

    Energy, creativity, presentation, communication and above all, the leader within you. It is the leader who triggers the fellow members with the drive of passion and gives his / her best to the organization.

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